Winter 2015

MCCC Winter Series 2015 - Race Results
11-Apr-15 Teams Race - Scratch 56 km (7 laps)
18-Apr-15 Handicap 73 km (2 laps)
2-May-15 Graded Scratch 75km (1 lap)
9-May-15 Handicap 80km (5 laps)
16-May-15 Handicap 80km (10 laps)
23-May-15 Handicap 104km (2+4 laps)
13-June15 Special Trophies Day - Scratch 56km (7 laps)
20-June-15 Handicap 75km (1 lap)
27-June-15 Handicap 64km (8 laps)
4-July-15 Graded Scratch 74km (1 lap)
11-July-15 Handicap 64km (8 laps) Cancelled due to bad weather
18-July-15 Handicap 60km (6 laps)
26-July-15 Scratch 80km (10 laps)
1-Aug-15 Graded Scratch 38km (1 lap) Cancelled due to bad weather
8-Aug-15 Handicap 56km (7 laps)
15-Aug-15 Graded Scratch 46km (1 lap)
22-Aug-15 Handicap 55km (1 lap)
29-Aug-15 Graded Scratch 50km (5 laps)
9-Sep-15 Graded Scratch - Teams race 48km (6 laps)