Race Information

The Club holds annual Summer and Winter Season race programs. Cyclists wishing to compete in races are required to have a current Cycling Australia (CA) Race Licence. Use the submenu of the "Race Information" menu above to obtain more detailed information relating to the way the Club conducts races. The current race program can be found on the "Race Program" page. General road racing rules and the UCI Bike Regulations can be found in the Cycling Australia Technical Regulations.

Obligations of Club Officials in Conducting a Cycling Race

  1. At all times the safety of participants must be of paramount importance, this includes officials and spectators.
  2. All Club members must be given a fair and equitable opportunity to race without disadvantage.
  3. Where the conduct of a race is called into question by a member of the Club, the Race Panel will be deemed to be the first point of appeal. If an agreed outcome is not reached it shall be referred to the Club Executive, and if required to CSA, for determination.
  4. The paramount interest of all riders must be toward the Club itself, and for its betterment. The individual concerns of riders therefore must be considered in the Club’s interest, and not to the outcome for individual reward. If situations arise where the Club has no clear policy or acknowledged protocol, then it shall be dealt with at Club Executive level in the best interests of the Club. Policy development would logically follow.