If you are new to racing, you might like to take out a Cycling Australia Race Starter Kit initially. For a fixed cost of $50, this will entitle you to two months unlimited racing in club-hosted races.  This licence is available only to riders who have not previously held a CA licence. It can be upgraded to a full CA licence by making a phone call to Cycling Australia and paying the balance of the fee for the relevant full licence. It is not necessary to belong to a cycling club in order to purchase a Race Starter Kit licence. This licence replaces the 3-Race Licence.

To purchase a Race Starter Kit, go to the Cycling Australia website,   , select Membership on the home page,  scroll down to Race,  then scroll down to Read More.  Racing Starter Kit and follow the prompts. Alternatively, click on this link: 


The cost is $51.20. This fee will be deducted from the fee if you decide to upgrade to a full membership of which there are several categories, depending on whether you intend to race locally or further afield, and also depending on your age-group.

Full membership of the Mildura-Coomealla Cycling Club (MCCC)  is obtained by joining the Coomealla Memorial Sporting Club and taking out separate membership of the Cycling Club. Intra club membership  Membership fee - CMSC $11, Intra Club Fee $9

When a 3-race licence expires, or if you have previously been a member of Cycling Australia, a Cycling Australia (CA)  licence must be obtained. MCCC is affiliated with Cycling South Australia. Race licences must be renewed by January each year, for more information on race licences see below.

A timing chip is also required to race and can be obtained online at  Timing chips are leased from MyLaps for 1, 2 or 5 years. The chip to order is the Pro-chip Flex. Chips must be activated online to make them ready for use. The chips are not re-chargeable. Your chip will remain active for the period of the lease you pay for.

Membership and race licence are not valid until the prescribed fee has been paid to the Coomealla Memorial Sporting Club. CMSC membership must be renewed annually. Membership falls due in September.

For a full Cycling Australia licence decide on which membership type is best for you (read on below), and then...

  1. Follow this link to the Cycling Australia online Membership HQ
  2. Select "Cycling SA" as your Sate
  3. Select "Mildura-Coomealla CC" as your Club
  4. Click "Next"
  5. Choose the membership type you have decided upon
  6. Then follow the prompts to enter your details and make payment via credit card

And then... welcome to Mildura-Coomealla Cycling Club!  You will receive an email from Cycling Australia, confirming your membership and payment, and containing your license number and type.

This email will serve as your temporary proof of membership and license, until your permanent membership card arrives in the mail (within approx 4 weeks). Please print and take this email with you to all races - no license, no race!