Club Road Race Championship - Merbein Cemetery

Sat 25 May 2019

MCCC Road Race Championship, Merbein Cemetery, 80 km Scratch    $$$

Seniors - 80 km (10 laps)

Juniors - 32 km (4 laps)

To be eligible to participate in a Club Championship, riders must be a current member of MCCC, and have participated in at least 5 local club races since the previous equivalent Championship, excluding other Club Championship events. Riverland Interclub (19th May) counts as a local club race.

Prizes are awarded to:

1st male (Men's champion)       1st female (Ladies champion)

2nd to 4th overall if not represented above

1st rider in each of A, B, C, D Grade & U/19 not represented in the first 3 places.

Trophies are awarded to:

Men's Champion          Ladies Champion         Junior Champion

First rider from A, B, C, D Grade & U/19 not represented in the 3 places.

Race Duty: A. Lloyd, A. Curry


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