Race Panel

General Philosophy - what happens on race day is dealt with on race day.

The Race Panel (in the absence of a Commissaire) is in charge of all aspects of racing from the time the first rider arrives until the last rider departs the race venue. Where specific duties have been allocated by the club, eg handicapper, starter, duty members etc, these operate with the Race Panel. If these positions are vacant at a particular race, the Race Panel delegates these duties as needed.

Once at the race venue the Race Panel has the powers described below.

Conduct the racing with due care:

Enforce the rules of cycling and club rules:

Hear and adjudicate on complaints from officials or competitors:

Apply penalties, with the range of penalties including:

Refer matters to the Club Executive:

When the Club has an accredited Commissar he/she takes on the conduct of the race, enforces the rules, applies set penalties and takes other incidents to the Race Panel.

Any judgement made by the Race Panel is subject to appeal. Such appeal is to be in writing to the Club Executive by the end of the second day after race day (cooling off period).
Any judgement made by the Club Executive (or its appointed Disputes Committee) is subject to appeal to the SACF. See SACF By-laws.
The Race Panel has a role in deciding individual cyclists’ handicaps on the occasions when the nominated club handicappers are not available.
The Race Panel may decide on the race type and distance on the day if circumstances require amendments to the written program. It will also be responsible for determining if a race is to be postponed or cancelled.

The Race Panel operates as the appropriate forum for any dispute lodged by a rider over the decision of a handicap or race placing. The dispute may be in writing or verbal. Any decision by the Race Panel may be appealed against to the Club Executive and further, to the SACF if necessary.

Membership of the Race Panel is open to nomination and election at the Club’s Annual General Meeting. The current Race Panel is listed on the Club Executive page.